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SleepBuddy! Review, Unboxing, and Our Results!

We partnered with SleepBuddy and MomSelect to bring you this sponsored post. All experiences, extra sleep, and opinions are our own. =)

There were some big changes for a little girl last year. Big changes for all of us but we're going to focus on her for the moment, her being Audrey, our enthusiastic, silly, and headstrong four year old.

Our kids have always been good sleepers. Mild issues, easy transitions, and grateful parents. BUT... then the changes and suddenly little Miss Audrey (three at the time) was going to bed late, waking too early, sneaking out of her room to climb into her sister's bed and it was NOT good. In a period of just a few weeks, she lost her old room, got a new one, a new bed, and a new baby sister. A lot of new going on and she missed the old... her old room, her old way of doing things. So now we've been in the new house for several months and it is still happening. It hasn't been awful but it is not ideal and she's still just not quite settled when it comes to the whole nighttime and bed situation.

Enter SleepBuddy, a complete sleep system designed to smoothly help your toddler or preschooler go to bed, fall asleep peacefully, and stay there until the morning. In ONE WEEK this system put Audrey back on track. It was the little supportive nudge she needed to help transition back into a healthy sleep and bedtime pattern.

The system is simple and gentle. The gentle part is important to us because bedtime is not something I want to turn into a fight. It involves a guidebook for the parents, a story to help introduce the child to the concept, an incentive chart with cute stickers to help track and reward progress, and the light itself (which is easy for the child to understand and was simple for us to set up).

The parental guide was great because it gave us some important sleep guidelines based on age for us to follow as well as some useful tips and ideas to help our child (and us!) fall into a good routine using the SleepBuddy concept.

It worked the very first night for us and we've had over a week of 100% success. Pretty amazing and since we also have an infant, we are some very thankful parents to have one less sleepy problem to deal with. The nice thing is that even if it takes some time to get your child into the routine, the guidebook can lead you through the adjustment period with ideas and motivations to help you and your child stick with it and walk away - or I should say, dream away - successful.

Bottom line: SleepBuddy took away some of the stress and chaos we suddenly found ourselves in with a child who had previously never had bedtime issues. That's the great thing about this... it works for a child soon to be transitioning to a "big kid" bed to one who just has, one in the middle, or all the way up to one who just needs a gentle refresher to stay on a healthy bedtime and sleep routine. Simple, intuitive, well priced, and interesting to the child... I'd call that a win in the world of Child vs Bedtime.

I'd like to thank SleepBuddy for letting us try this concept out when we really needed a little more support. You can find it an AMAZON (check out the reviews for more info from families who have been using it) and also learn more about it on their WEBSITE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, and PINTEREST.


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