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Some Less Common Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her!

My husband and I don't typically do much for Valentine's Day. We usually count other things such as special purchases, vacations, or events as our gifts to one another. And that works really well for us but…. it is still pretty awesome to get a little something and I have a few picks for some not as common Valentine Gift Ideas for Her.

Yup. Glorious Aromatherapy Goodness wrapped in cute little powdery bundles. These make the list because one, Hello. Who doesn't love an amazing soak in water that smells like AWESOME? But also because Lush products are one of those things you (or at least my friends and I) won't always splurge on for yourself. We want to buy ALL THE THINGS but we don't. So get them for us. ;-)

I am LOVING this little device. It is a very small almost pocket sized printer that I carry in my purse. Yes… PURSE. It prints photos straight from your device to snapshot size photo paper (that is sticky backed!!). The paper is where the magic is. It is called HP Zink Photo paper and it IS the ink. That's right. This little printer doesn't require ink cartridges - the paper takes care of it! This means, the whole system is SIMPLE and highly portable. I LOVE printing little moments from our days (you can even print photos from your social media accounts) and either keeping them for myself or handing them out to family and friends. Think about how fun this would be to have at a party or an event for your kids. You could share the memories instantly with the people around you. I love this little printer and think it makes an incredible and more unique V-Day gift idea!

So I would be amiss if I didn't include some sort of jewelry on here. It is just a classic idea but I wanted to find something interesting and a little less common. I found it in this beautiful handmade flower necklace that places dried, pressed buds into a resin pendant. Every month has its own flower (just like it has its own gemstone) which makes this little necklace more personable. I just found it to be so sweet and pretty! Side Note: These are also available as a cuff bracelet!

Oh my goodness…. How incredibly fun are these? For the book lover in your life, these candles are awesome! Candles for Valentine's Day are another classic but these candles step it up and make this would be common gift way more interesting! There are four different ones to choose from and each candle is scented to "match" the feel of the books they represent! Amazing!

Obviously, as a Disney enthusiast (to put it lightly), a pixie dusted item is always on my wish list. Here are a few fun ideas for a magical Disney influenced Valentine's Day gift!


So there are my picks for a slightly less typical Valentine's Day gift for her! One thing I didn't put on here that I know I would personally ADORE would be a small trip or weekend away without the kids. Again, that one is totally cliché but oh man. SO great. Just putting that out there!

No matter how you celebrate (or don't celebrate, haha!), I hope your have a great Valentine's Day!



Disclaimer: Our Blog Posts may sometimes contain affiliate links. To read more about our Disclosure Policy see HERE. Thanks!

Disclaimer: I received the HP Sprocket Pocket Printer complimentary. This is NOT a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

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